Migrate Windows Subversion to Linux Subversion

1. About

Krepost is an application that allows migrating source-code repositories from Microsoft SourceSafe to Subversion repositories.
All files and history of each file are migrated to new repository.
More info can be found on the Product Page
This document describes how Krepost can be used migrate SourceSafe to a Linux-based Subversion repository.

2. Requirements

  • Krepost should be executed from a machine where Microsoft SourceSafe is installed. Works with both SourceSafe 6 or SourceSafe 2005.
    Please see our User's Manual for instructions on running Krepost
  • Linux-server must have FTP or SCP enabled (or some other way to transfer files from Windows to Linux)
  • Should have root permissions or write-permissions in Linux Subversion repository files

3. Installing Subversion on Linux

Install using apt-get or any other package manager.

For the purpose of this document we will use Subversion with the file protocol (file://), but on production/corporate environments you may want to use the http, https, svn, or svn+ssh protocols. For using subversion over http or https you should install (with apt-get) not only subversion but also apache2 and libapache2-svn and configure apache.

4. Create an empty repository

(This is just to show that repository is empty)

5. Migrate SourceSafe to Windows Subversion

Migrate the SourceSafe repository to an empty Subversion repository on a Windows machine, according to User's Manual.

6. Convert from Windows Subversion to Linux Subversion

Using svnadmin, dump the migrated Windows repository to a “dump” file.

Send the dump file to the Linux server using ftp or scp:

Using svnadmin,load the dump file into the Linux repository.

(This is just to show that repository was fully loaded with all commits)

More info can be found on the Product Page

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