Castellum is an application that allows migrating source-code repositories from Microsoft SourceSafe to Git repositories.

All files and history of each file are migrated to new repository.

Why Migrate?

Microsoft SourceSafe has been discontinued, and has a long list of problems and limitations. Many companies and individual-users are migrating their repositories to Git, which is currently the most popular (and open-source) Version Control System.

In this kind of migration, it's very important that not only the most-recent version of each file is migrated, but the complete history of each file, since file histories offer better understanding of your source codes, and allows features like Git blame, where one can find out who is responsible for each line of source code.

Migrate immediately and stop losing your source code!

SourceSafe Danger


Castellum has all features of similar applications and a few other advantages:

  • Preserves Author and Date of each modification
  • Individual Modifications (across multiple files) are grouped into Unique Modifications (atomic)
  • Wizard-like Graphical Interface. No need to build from source code, hack into XML configuration files, or debug into VSS bugs
  • Can circunvent many SourceSafe flaws which break other applications while reading some files
  • Does not need SourceSafe Administrator.
  • Allows you to import the whole SourceSafe repository or import only selected projects
  • Removes SourceSafe Bindings, which are kept inside Microsoft Visual Studio project files
  • Allows you to ignore large binary files, or migrate only their latest version
  • Allows you to merge multiple SourceSafe repositories
  • Works with any Git version (even latest version)
  • Contact us if you need further customizations on your software.

Castellum Trial Edition

We recommend our users to download the evaluation version of the software to evaluate before purchasing the software.
This Trial version is fully functional, but will only migrate file revisions which have been made up to 31/Dec/2014.
In other words, if some file has many modifications (checkins) across time, Castellum will migrate revision since the first one up to the revision which was available on 31/Dec/2014. Anything that was changed in SourceSafe after this date, won’t be migrated, even if it’s the latest revision.

Download now:

Description Type Download
Castellum 2.6.1 Trial
Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012
.exe (installer) Download
.zip (archive) Download


Please read the License Agreement before downloading or purchasing the software.



Small Business

Free $699 $499
30-day trial 1 year / 1 computer (*) 1 year / 1 computer (*)
Migrates revisions up to
31, Dec 2014
Migrates all history Migrates all history
Adds watermark on original comments - -
Unlimited users in VSS History Up to 50 users in VSS History (**)
Unlimited Email Technical Support
(24hr response priority support)
Unlimited Email Technical Support

Contact us for other
Payment Methods

Contact us for other
Payment Methods


(*) Each purchased license gives you an activation key, to activate the product on 1 single computer.
(*) Must have internet connectivity for activation, and the software can be used for 1 year after activation. (**) If repository has more than 50 different users in revision history, migration will fail

PS: Customers with Brazilian PayPal accounts should use the brazilian page for paying in brazilian currency (BRL).


User's Manual

See our User's Manual.


See our Changelog.